DBpedia data stem from the collective effort of the Wikipedia community and they would not have existed without the voluntary and effective contribution of the Wikipedia administrators and authors.

The aim of the DBpedia Greek teamwork is to upgrade the usability and value of the Greek Wikipedia data by linking them with other international data sets and by developing semantic representation for knowledge processing.

Thus first and foremost, we are very grateful to Greek Wikipedia community.

The DBpedia Greek is under the auspices of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in the frame of the Postgraduate Program on Web science of the Mathematics Department of the AUTH, supported by Municipality of Veria.

Research Team: Mr. Dimitris Kontokostas, Dr. Charalampos Bratsas, Prof. Ioannis Antoniou, Prof George Metakides.

The first step towards the DBpedia Greek took place during the course Knowledge Processing in the Web in the academic year 2009-2010. The students Alexiou S., Karalis A., Karvounas G., Kontokostas D. and Xanthopoulou P., supervised by Dr. Charalampos Bratsas, created the first DBpedia mappings as part of their graduation project.

The next step was taken by Mr. Dimitris Kontokostas who developed the I18n DBpedia Information Extraction Framework as part of his MSc Thesis.

Present work involves the Internationalization of DBPedia.